There are many opportunities at Holly Hill Academy to contribute your time and funds.  This year your enrollment contract included a $300 fundraising commitment. We feel certain between each event we have available this year this commitment will easily be obtained. Please browse our calendar for dates each fundraiser will be available.

Each sale from available fundraisers will contribute to your $300 family commitment, however please note that while box tops help our school tremendously they do not count toward your commitment. Do not let that stop you from sending those valued box tops in. This year we plan to enhance our science lab with the funds we earn! Our students will benefit from the generosity of each collected box top!

Please click the links below to download and print each fundraising form (as they become available). For more information check out – Kontakt / Impressum

The following fundraisers contribute toward the fundraising commitment:

Charleston White Lilac Wasilla Services and Wraps

Annual Mum and Pumpkin Sale

Cow Drop Tickets

Christmas Tree and Wreath Sale

Spring Plant Sale

Spring Soiree Tuition Raffle Tickets

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