Middle School

Mrs. Susan Paramore helps usher in the Lower School graduates and transitions them into Middle School.

Coach Josh Christian is our next Middle School homeroom teacher where the students move to 6th grade.

Time to switch buildings! Josephine O’Ryan is the next stop for our Middle School children as they slowly approach the end of their middle school days.

Time to switch buildings again! Coach Sheryl Young is the last Middle School homeroom stop before entering high school for our students.

Class Schedules

Homeroom: Susan Paramore
I Period: Science (Josephine O’Ryan)
II Period: English Language Arts (Susan Paramore)
III Period: English Language Arts (Susan Paramore)
IV Period: Social Studies (Josh Christian)
V Period: Math (Debbie Myers)
VI Period: Activity (Sheryl Young)

Homeroom: Josh Christian
I Period: Math (Debbie Myers)
II Period: Social Studies (Andy McLeod)
III Period: Science (Josephine O’Ryan)
IV Period: Physical Education (Sheryl Young)
V Period: English Language Arts (Susan Paramore)
VI Period: English Language Arts (Susan Paramore)

Homeroom: Josephine O’Ryan
I Period: Social Studies (Aaron Johnson)
II Period: Science (Josephine O’Ryan)
III Period: Physical Education (Josh Christian)
IV Period: Pre-Algebra (Debbie Myers)
V Period: English/Composition (Alice Odom)
VI Period: Literature (Alice Odom)

Homeroom: Debbie Myers
I Period: English I Honors (Penny Brown) Literature (Susan Paramore)
II Period: Computer I (Josh Christian)
III Period: Algebra I Honors (Amanda Shuler) OR Algebra I (Debbie Myers)
IV Period: Social Studies (Aaron Johnson)
V Period: Earth Science (Josephine O’Ryan)
VI Period: Physical Education (Don Shelley)

Bell Schedule

1st Bell – 8:00

Tardy Bell- 8:05
Homeroom- 8:05 – 8:12
I Period 8:15 – 9:10
II Period 9:13 – 10:08
III Period 10:11 – 11:06
IV Period 11:09 – 12:05

Lunch 12:05 – 12:34

V Period 12:37 – 1:32
VI Period 1:35 – 2:30

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