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The Beginning of an Education Legacy

On January 5, 1970 a meeting was held at First Baptist Church of Holly Hill arranged by W.H Rhame, JR., M.C. Colvin, and J Witte Bull to discuss the opportunity for a  private school education with then President of Independent School Association pioneer, Dr. T. Elliott Wannamaker. The first Board of Directors were elected:

President - M.C. Colvin

Vice President - W. H. Rhme, Jr.

Secretarty Mrs. M. C. Colvin

Treasurer - J. Witte Bull

James I. Brown, JR

J. W. Matheny

R.F. McCurry

L.R. Connor

Mrs. Robert C. Horne

Mrs. J. Daniel Hutto

Dr. J. W. Hutto

J. K, Russell , Jr.

Senior Advisor - E.H. Poole

On September 14, 1970 the doors opened for the first time to students at Holly Hill Academy. 


Serving as Board Members for 2021-2022

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