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A sample of information from some frequently asked questions.

How can we pay tuition?

Payments: Tuition payment are accepted in the office or through PayPal (convenience fee applies)  Tuition not received by the 10th will incur a late fee of $25. All financial questions will be referred to Mrs. Dukes.

When and what is activity period?

Our lower school has a set time each day for activity period. Activity includes library, art, PE, and music. Please check your student's schedule to make sure they are in adequate clothing for the activity of that day.

What is Booster Club?

Booster Club is a vital part of our Athletic program at HHA. Through this organization all sports uniform, Referee/Umpire fees, and other payments are made. Each player is expected to contribute $100 in order to play sports for the year. This fee is a one time fee each year. The booster club holds monthly meetings that each parent is welcome to attend. 

What happens if I am late picking up my student?

School is dismissed at 2:30 everyday unless noted on the caledar. Students left after school without transportation will be sent to ELC until adequate transportaion from a parent or guardian is obtained. *Fees apply

How will I get pertinent information?

Communicatoin is very important to us. We strive to keep each parent informed of all happenings at HHA.  Our main form of communication is through Email. We also communicate by posting on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and occasionally send mail to your home. Please be diligent and check your email often for any communication we send out. Always keep us informed of any updates to your email address at 

How can my child take AP classes?

AP classes are available to students who have shown ability through subject grade average and work ethic. Each AP class that is offered will have a final AP exam.  The fee for AP classes are $50 each. 

How can I get a transcript?

Transcript requests can be made through the office. We can email, mail, and fax transcripts. The first transcript is free for recent graduates. Each additional transcript is $10. Non-Alumni are charged $25 (Mimms Academy and Bowman Academy)

Do you mail progress reports?

We utilize FACTS as our grading utility. Progress can be checked as well as attendance and fee balances. A link to FACTS is on our website. Each student and parent are given a unique login to sign into FACTS. An app is also available in the appstore and playstore. Please check this site often to stay abreast of your student's grades and attendance.  If you owe a balance on your account we will suspend your FACTS access. 

Is there a school newspaper?

Raider's Digest is a quarterly publication a select few students are responsible for. A digital copy can be found on our website. Members of the Raider's Digest team include Junior and Senior students who show an exemplary talent for writing and journalism.

What is a senior table?

Each year at graduation our senior parents put together a special table in the cafeteria for their senior. This table encompasses all that the student has accomplished during their time at Holly Hill Academy. Items on the table can include pictures, trophies, certificates, and even food. It has also been customary to include a box or tray to hold cards or gifts that others may bestow upon your graduate.

What is PTAC?

Our PTAC supports the school and more specifically the students and teachers at HHA. They are responsible for the Fall Festival as well as several fundraisers through out the year to help you meet your fundraising contribution of $300. They hold monthly meetings to discuss up and coming fundraisers and special events.

What academic competitions are there?

Each year HHA competes in the Spelling Bee, Math Meet, Quiz Bowl, and Literary Meet. These are SCISA academic events. Each event is coached by a teacher at HHA. Any student is welcome to try out for a spot on each team. These teams will then be taken to the event where they will represent our school and showcase their academic knowledge. Notices will go home with your student prior to the event.

How do we order lunch?

Our lunch is served through the Handi-House. We have three lunches and a morning break. One for lower school, middle school, and high school. Orders are placed each morning with their teachers. Each lunch is made to order. To cut down on waste extra food is not made. If your student does not order they will not have a lunch prepared for them. Also, if a student arrives late, they will not have a lunch ordered for them. Students arriving before 9:30 may go to the office and order late. Online lunch ordering is coming in the future.

Is there a kindergarten graduation?

Our Kindergarten class participates in a graduation ceremony each May to commemorate their advancement to 1st grade. Please check with Mrs. Valerie Bell for specific information and dates.

When are Stage Co. performances?

Our Stage Co. performs two plays each year. One before Christmas and another in May. 

What is the 50 States Fair?

Each May, 5th grade students are tasked with the 50 States Fair. Each student picks a state and details a project board and table with information concerning their state. This is a fun learning activity each student looks forward to in the 5th grade.