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Coach Strad’s Impressions on HHA by Holland Holt

Coach Strad is a middle school social studies teacher at Holly Hill Academy. Coach Strad is coming to the end of his second year of teaching and coaching at HHA. He coaches baseball and football and said he enjoys every second of it.

Coach Strad plans to become the best form of himself possible and is making new changes to his teaching. After sitting down with Coach Strad this past week, he talked about how he feels about his new position as assistant athletic director.

“I feel very excited because this is a very good opportunity for me but also a little nervous because of something new,” he said.

As a student of Coach Strad, I feel he has nothing to worry about and think he will do a fine job as assistant athletic director. Coach Strad puts 110% effort into everything he does, no matter what it is, if it's on the football field, baseball field, or in the classroom.

I understand that trying something new may have some new nerves, and Coach Strad shared his thoughts with me about this upcoming football season.

“I think it will be interesting because of the changes in coaches, but also, I think it will be a new challenge,” Coach Strad said.

Along with coaching changes, many changes have been made at HHA. There have been improvements in security and changes to classrooms, the gym floor, and new advancements in sporting equipment.

“I like the changes. I think we are improving in areas in this school, with a pretty good balance,” Coach Strad said.

It was a pleasure to interview Coach Strad. He was very honest and wanted students to know his impressions on HHA. When asked if there was anything he wanted to tell the students and staff at HHA, he said he did.

“I think we are making great strides in this school, so let’s continue to be the change that we want to see at HHA,” Coach Strad said.

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