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Coaching and Teaching by Henry Phalen

Updated: May 13, 2023

Coach Dani Kern has been teaching at HHA for almost two years as a PE teacher and volleyball coach. When asked about her favorite part of teaching at HHA, she responded,

“I enjoy teaching kids different kinds of sports and how important it is to stay physically active,” Coach Kern said.

She also mentioned that she loves teaching us that anybody can be an athlete, even if they think that they cannot be one. She says it is a joy to know students and what their strengths are.

Coach Kern's alternate option, if she wasn’t a PE teacher, would be an all-time volleyball coach. In addition to being a PE teacher, she has been coaching volleyball for 13 years.

Adding on those 13 years of coaching volleyball, she has played for a remarkable 26 years. For the past two years, she has placed her time and effort into building the Raider volleyball program.

While building the physical skills of the game, she feels it is vitally important to teach her athletes to be mentally tough and prepared.

“Volleyball is just as much a mental game as it is a physical game, and that aspect makes it super exciting to me,” Coach Kern said.

For the past couple of months, some of the students at HHA have been talking about a boys’ volleyball league since the girls have been bragging about how good they are. She has an opinion on the argument.

“I would love to add a boys’ volleyball team, but the only problem with adding a boys’ volleyball team is the fact that they have their season during fall, which is also football season, which makes it extremely difficult to recruit players,” Coach Kern said.

With that exception, there would also be limited gym space with multiple teams playing all at once. Maybe in the future, we could have boys and girls unite and play together on the same volleyball team. Maybe a future mixed volleyball championship is on its way?

The new changes to the gym this year at HHA are remarkable, and Coach Kern has thoughts about it.

“I think the new gym is beautiful, and it rivals any other gym we’ve played in, and I can’t wait to get back in it,” she said.

I think that we all could agree on this. Since the gym is finally finished, we can now focus on some new projects here at HHA.

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